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evolution of Nephrology practice Is Nephrology Sclerosis a real; prof Amr Elhusseini
RAAS Blockade for renoprotection Prof Giovanni Gambaro, MNDU 2019
Update of diabetic kidney disease prof Magdy El Sharkawy, MNDU 2019
Gut kidney cross talk in critical illness Prof Mohammed Attia, MNDU 2019
Innovation in hemodialysis technology Prof Hesham elsayed, MNDU 2019
Complement and glomerulonephritis Prof Mohsen Elkosi, MNDU 2019
How to write a paper , MNDU 2019; Prof Meguid El Nahas
ANCA Associated Vasculitis, MNDU 2019, Prof Mohamed Sobh
Osteoporosis in CKD The Challenge, MNDU 2019, Dr Mohammed Abdel Gawad
CKD Associated anemia, Prof Hussein Sheashaa, MNDU 2019
Osteocyte dysfunction and renal osteodystrophy A dynamic process Prof Amr Elhusseini, MNDU 2019
The Future of Peritoneal dialysis Prof Giovanni Gambaro, MNDU 2019
rituximab for glomerulonephritis prof Tarek Medhat, MNDU 2019
To K or not to K Prof Alaa Sabry, MND 2019
Plasma exchange prof May Hassaballa, MNDU 2019
2019 Nephrology Update, MNDU 2019 Prof Hussein Sheashaa
Metformin A drug with many faces, ESNT 2019 prof Tarek ElBaz
New insight for the conundrum of BKV Nephropathy Prof Ziad zaky
CRRT in children prof Hafez Bezara, ESNT 2019
HCV and renal Transplantation Prof Adel Bakr, ESNT 2019
Renal pathology in HCV Patients in the new DAA Era Prof Wessam Ismail
Epigenetics of HCV and DAAs Prof Gamal Saadi, ESNT 2019
PCGM for DKD Prof Ahmed Elkeraie, ESNT 2019
Updates in management of HUS in children Prof Doaa Salah, ESNT 2019
Increasing donor pool by accepting suboptimal kidneys donors Prof Faisal Shaheen
How to carry a randomized controlled trial Prof Ahmed Shokier
Vascular composite tissue allotransplantation Prof Stefan G Tullis
Immunosuppressives in the pipelines prof Lionel Rostaing, ESNT 2019
Precision transplant monitoring for injury prof Minnie Sarwal, ESNT 2019
Inspirations and messages from recent trials in nephrology, Prof H. Hafez and Prof H. Sheashaa,