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Thirty Years Reseach Career Prof Mohamed Sobh
A Brief History of 50 Years in Nephrology Prof Meguid El Nahas
A Step from Adequate to Optimum Hemodialysis second part prof Hesham Elsayed
A Step from Adequate to Optimum hemodialysis First Part prof Hesham Elsayed
Hemodialysis October 2018 Update prof. Hussein Sheashaa, 14 October 2018
Diabetes and Renal Transplantation Prof Hussein Sheashaa, 8 October 2018
Renal Allograft Dysfunction : Differential Diagnosis, prof. Hussein Sheashaa
Immunosuppression Tutorial part 2. Special situations Prof. Hussein Sheashaa, Monday 24 Sep 2018
Immunosuppression Therapy:Induction and Maintenance, Prof. Hussein Sheashaa 14 Sep 2018
Prevention and reversal of diabetic kidney disease Sep 2018 update Prof Hussein Sheashaa
Heart and Kidney cross talks part 2. prof. Hussein Sheashaa
Heart and Kidney Cross Talks (English language), Prof. Hussein Sheashaa,12 August 2018
Quiz and award Prof Hussein SheashaaŁˆ ESNT-CME- Renal transplantaion Day, 11 July 2018
Renal transplant update Prof Mohamed Hany Hafez, ESNT-CME- Renal transplantaion Day,
HCV and Kidney transplantation Prof Gamal Saadi, ESNT-CME- Renal transplantaion Day,
Post transplant infections Prof May Hassaballa, ESNT-CME- Renal transplantaion Day,
Immunosuppression. Prof Tarek Fayad,, ESNT CME. Renal Transplantation Day, 11 July 2018
Renal allograft Pathology Prof Wesam Ismail, ESNT CME. Renal Transplantation Day
Post transplant vaccination prof Samir Sally, ESNT CME Transplant day
Renal Transplant preparation Prof Ayman Refaie, ESNT EMS TX day
Evolving Therapeutic Options for Membranous Nephropathy. Prof. Hussein sheashaa
Oral Anti diabetic Drugs in Delay Progression of DKD Prof Hussein Sheashaa, 22 July 2018
CKD Update pdate prof Hany Hafez, ESNT-CME CKD day 30 May 2018
CKD MBD prof Yasser Abdelhamid
Environmental Nephropathy Dr Enass Al Sayid,
Hypertension in CKD Dr Mohammed Kamal Nassar
Fasting Ramadan and Kidney Dr Ahmed Kamal, ESNT CME CKD day 30 may 2018
Uric acid and Kidney prof Dawlat Belal, ESNT-CME, CKD day 30 may 2018
Precision and Personalization in Treating Diabetic CKD Patients. Prof. Tarek El Baz
Fasting Ramadan and Kidney Dr. Ahmed Kamal