December 2011


ASSESSMENT OF ENDOTHELIAL FUNCTION IN ANEMIC TYPE II DIABETIC PAIENTS WITH MICROALBUMINURIA WITH OR WITHOUT RENAL IMPAIRMENT Marawan M. Atiyah, Yasser A. Elnaggar, Haidy E. Zidan*,Hossam M. Abdelrahman** Internal Medicine, Medical Biochemistry* and Radiology** Departments,Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University
AWARENESS OF CHRONIC RENAL FAILURE: TRENDS AND PREDICTORS IN SOHAG CITY- UPPER EGYPT Ali Taha, A. Hassan, and Medhat Mohamed Ali. Department of Internal Medicine, Sohag University Hospital, Sohag, Egypt.
BONE PROBLEMS POST RENAL TRANSPLANATION AND DIFFERENT THERABUETIC MODALITIES Prof. Ragaa r. Mohamed*. Mohamed a. Ayad**. Mohamed s. Zaki**. Ahmed m. Elseasi**. Sahar s. Khattab* *Internal medicine Faculty of medicine for girls Azharuniversity ** lecturer of nephrology National Institute of Urology and Nephrology
CAN WE FIND A NOVEL CARDIOVASCULAR RISK MARKER IN UREMIC PATIENTS WITH SECONDARY HYPERPARATHYROIDISM? Alsayed Ahmed Alnahal1, Usama Ahmed Khalil 1, Mohamed Samy Fawzy2 Nephrology unit and Internal medicine1 and Biochemistry2 department Faculty of medicine, Zagazig University, Egypt*
EFFECT OF DEFEROXAMINE THERAPY ON INSULIN RESISTANCE IN END STAGE RENAL DISEASE PATIENTS WITH IRONOVERLOAD Alsayed.A.Alnahal1,Aymen F.Ahmed2,Tamer Fathy2,Magdy Tahan3 Internal medicine1, Radiology2 and medical biochemistry3 departments Zagazig University. Corresponding to Alsayed.A.Alnahal, inernal medicine, Zagazig university,Egypt.
EPIDEMIOLOGY OF END STAGE RENAL FAILURE IN SOHAG GOVERNORATE, UPPER EGYPT, AN UPDATE. Ali Taha A. Hassan* Ahmed Fathy Hamed** and Sayed M. Waer* * Internal medicine department. **Public health and community medicine department.
LATENT TUBERCULOSIS IN HEMODIALYSIS PATIENTS: STUDY OF DIFFERENT DIAGNOSTIC TESTS Marawan M. Atiyah, Waseem M. Seleem, Ehab F. Mostafa, Emad F. Hamed and Manal M. Elgerby* Internal Medicine and Clinical Pathology* Departments, Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University
SERUM CD 146, AS A MARKER OF ENDOTHELIAL DYSFUNCTION IN CHRONIC RENAL FAILURE: A COMPARISON BETWEEN HEMODIALYZED AND NON-DIALYZED PATIENTS. Effat A.E. Tony1, Nabila f. Amin1, «Hosni a. Younis1 , Amal M. Abdel-Aal2, Madleen A. Abdou2, and Mona A.H. Baz3 Departments of Internal Medicine 1 Clinical Pathology 2 and Biochemistry3, Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University & Al-Azhar Assiut University«, Egypt.
SERUM LEVEL OF NEUTROPHIL GELATINASE-ASSOCIATED LIPOCALIN AS AN EARLY BIOMARKER OF NEPHROPATHY IN TYPE-2 DIABETIC PATIENTS Tamer M.E. Ragabta, Adel A.M. Ghoraba, Medhat I. Mahmouda, Amal A. Zidanb aInternal Medicine Department and bClinical Pathology Department, Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University, Egypt
THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE LUNG DISEASE AND CHRONIC RENAL FAILUREMagda M. Sherif1, Eman O. Arram2, Walid M Afifi1, and Doaa A. Shahin3 Department of Internal Medicine Nephrology Unit, Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University.2Department of Chest, Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University,3Department of clinical pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University.

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